Brand New Overseas 2021 3000 PSI F Type Mud Pressure Gauges!

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General Description:
Brand New 2021 3000 PSI F Type Mud Pressure Gauges in excellent condition.

Multiple Units Available.

Additional Information:
Type F gauge with 2" Male and 1" Female line pipe connection for accurate instantaneous pressure reading.

These gauges features the following:
-Accurate pressure readings with quick response to pressure changes
-Built-in dampening to minimize gauge fluctuations
-Liquid filled gauge minimizes vibration and wear to gauge movement
-Clear lens for easy reading (6-9 m)
-Temperature range -45°C to 120°C
-Dimensions 9.875" x 4.785" with 3.5" dial
-Shipping weight standard 9 lbs
-Shipping weight salt water/corrosive 13 lbs

This equipment is located in Oceania. If you are an overseas client and you would like to see if this equipment would be cost effective to have shipped to your country, please contact our office and we will provide you a free shipping quote. Changes in currency rates could affect the final asking price. Please talk to one of our sales people if you have more questions about how currencies relate to the buying and selling of equipment.


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