Dave Parratt
Sales Specialist
Direct Number: +1.760.383.7455
Office Number: 1800 110 978, +
Email: dave@au.hddbroker.com
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Start Year: 2006
Favourite Drill: Vermeer D24x40A
  • 2014 - Most knowledgeable - Sales
  • 2013 - Salesman of the Year
  • 2011 - Salesman of the Year
  • 2008 - Salesman of the Year


I have bought multiple pieces of equipment from HDD Broker... never had an issue.. I recommended Dave Parratt. Dave and HDD Broker were the reason I was able to start my business. I am very thankful. Brandon Phillips, Pacific Underground Co.
Great company! Very good to work with! I’ve always had good luck with you guys and know you guys run a professional company. I’m glad their is someone like you guys out here for guys like us. Brett
Thanks for the update and even more thanks for the good service provided by you guys during the whole process from the initial listing to the actual sale. Joeri
I give my commendation to Dave Parratt, for his efficiency. I have purchased several hdd machines from him for the past 5-6 yrs or more and Dave has always been very helpful, very quick to reply. He's also very resourceful in helping me find good machines, helping me out with my shipping arrangements (since various equipment comes from different state). Purchasing my equipment with HDD Broker is always pleasant because of Dave! Bob
Dave always takes such good care of me and it's the best service I've had in a long time Juan
Thank you for your dedicated efforts in caring for our account with HDD Broker. Jim
Dave's strong and steady method of dealing with his customers nets him excellent performance, and his attention to detail ensures that even the most complicated international deal takes place smoothly and without a hitch. Thanks a lot, Dave! Bob


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